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Overlord (TF) jojo reference ...Transformers фэндомы 

Overlord (TF),Transformers,Трансформеры,фэндомы,jojo reference


Optimus Prime Autobots Megatron Decepticons r63 tran4of3 ics-art TF Fun ...Transformers фэндомы 


Optimus Prime,Оптимус Прайм,Autobots,Автоботы, боты,Transformers,Трансформеры,фэндомы,Megatron,Мегатрон,Decepticons,Десептиконы, коны,r63,tran4of3,ics-art,TF Fun,Смешное


Animated comics eng Sentinel Prime Optimus Prime Sari Sumdac комикс Bumblebee Megatron joselyn565 песочница ...Transformers фэндомы Autobots Decepticons Alpha trion 

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Your sparA is mine! GASP! Great. I’m starting to get a headache But that dream it felt ^ so real ^ Sigh, I guess it’s time to work.,Transformers,Трансформеры,фэндомы,Animated,Анимейтед,comics eng,Autobots,Автоботы, боты,Decepticons,Десептиконы, коны,Sentinel Prime,Alpha trion,Optimus

My name is Sari Sumdac. I'm a techno-organic. A techno-organic searching for a purpose. 00OIV|| ^ I'm tdlmg >ou Sentinel, she's vsiHtln to be in the Hite fragment of the Altspark. She's still ^learning I.cutting lobe dcadh »capon r I've completed ” the challenges and l the courses! /

r Sentinel just ^ Rive her a chance. She practiced hard to Ret to this point, y Listen Optima«, ' not trying to be the bad ’ guy here, but your opinion Lis invalid. She's not A . worthy. I've made up ray mind. Listen up Lori! What was that!? You're dismissed lud! You didn't! 'What!? But

What in the name of Primus!? Sentinel stay back! I'm going t)ptiraus?H Stand duHnl What is my purpose? Where <1<> I belong? o,..optimus? Take deep breaths. Remember what Prowl taught you. Breathe. It happened again didn't it? I'm sony... I'm so sorry. . I have friends here. That is all

I lost control again, it's only getting worse ^ Opiimus. ^ y'U'f, n lot morc^ difficult to contain L my power». A We need to get you to Ratchet. Optimus! Step away from the ^ organic! ^ That is an order! ..I will not Sentinel. r Oh right! I forgot!^ You like teaming up w ith organics, not

Alpha Trion! V i 1- s Alpha who? 'sentinel, avoid'* saying harsh things to Optimus and his ___ Iricnd. Alpha Trion. this organic is dangerous! The organic has powers that it should not she posscscd w ithL,Transformers,Трансформеры,фэндомы,Animated,Анимейтед,comics eng,Autobots,Автоботы,

Uh, I mean hello? Sari, this is Alpha Trion. He was my teacher and mentor before I arrived on \ Earth. V” Greetings young one an honor toN, meet you! And thanks .for helping us from . \v>Sentinef-^' The honor is all mine. / However. I should\ be the one thanking you for helping Prime and his

Answers for what? Asking how to be V cool as me? S Haha! Hey Be«! . r llowilidiljo! > D»d you past (he turn’ Did glitch-head accept .you into the academy!/ I didn't get accepted^! I lost control of myself and my powers almost erupted, until Optimu* helped me. 1'tn starting to feel like _ a

Optimus, 1 need to tell you something. What is it? r There's an N, importimt rc-atoa I have come to see V you. / Is it about Ultra Magnus? Is he alright? You probably heard that there is a debate of who would take the temporary position of Ultra Magnus. Ultra Magnus is fine. However, it does

We believe in you Optimum! /Come on bass-\ bot! This is a big opportunity for you! You gotta at least try it , V out! J / Thank you, I \ ( really appreciate’ your guys' support. I I shall participate \ in the Magnus / \ election. / 'Did you hear about’ the candidate list!? There's a new bot on


#Приколы для даунов разное смешные картинки ...Трансформеры фэндомы 

Психотерапевт: трансфорославяне не реальны, они не могут причинить вам вреда. Трансфорославяне: 11,Приколы для даунов,разное,смешные картинки,фото приколы,Трансформеры,Transformers,фэндомы

Generation 1 Autobots Decepticons ...Transformers фэндомы 

Трейлер нового сериала по трансформерам от Netflix, который будет повествовать о событиях в начале Войны за Кибертрон


puddlemunch Комиксы десептиконы КИНА БУДЕТ ...Трансформеры фэндомы 

Но мы придумаем ещё более коварную стратегию, вернёмся и поработим их всех! перевод КИНА БУДЕТ PUDDLEMUNCH.COM,puddlemunch,Смешные комиксы,веб-комиксы с юмором и их переводы,Трансформеры,Transformers,фэндомы,десептиконы,КИНА БУДЕТ

Ahriman artist art барышня art ...Transformers фэндомы 

Transformers,Трансформеры,фэндомы,Ahriman,Дмитрий Грозов, Dmitry Grozov,artist,art барышня,art,арт

marble-v Unicron Trilogy Decepticons Starscream Alexis Thi Dang ...Transformers фэндомы 

marble-v,Transformers,Трансформеры,фэндомы,Unicron Trilogy,Трилогия Юникрона, Armada (Армада), Energon (Энергон), Cybertron (Кибертрон),Decepticons,Десептиконы, коны,Starscream,Старскрим,Alexis Thi Dang

mlp crossover Twilight Sparkle mane 6 Rainbow Dash Applejack Rarity Fluttershy Pinkie Pie Optimus Prime Autobots ...Transformers фэндомы my little pony 

 » W . 7 l/. ■■'/ / / Mf / ^--n # J I ■ I/ / ** |i - /-/ Jf/ ' ¡i 1 / / i I r.TT H I 1 HLÍ V ЖПИЯ ¡É //T M i \i1 >f i /■ 1 'V-ls cTT|,my little pony,Мой маленький пони,фэндомы,mlp crossover,Twilight Sparkle,Твайлайт Спаркл,mane 6,Rainbow Dash,Рэйнбоу


Bumblebee Autobots Меган Фокс Актеры и Актрисы Знаменитости TF Fun Frans Mensink artist арт барышня art ...Transformers фэндомы 

ns M e n s i n PATREON I LY Fr jL г / / 1 i,Bumblebee,Бамболби,Autobots,Автоботы, боты,Transformers,Трансформеры,фэндомы,Меган Фокс,Актеры и Актрисы,Знаменитости,TF Fun,Смешное,Frans Mensink,artist,арт барышня,арт девушка, art барышня, art девушка,,art,арт

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